Complaints Data

We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with our customers and want to fulfil their needs and expectations at all times. We recognise that sometimes things can go wrong and when this happens we encourage customers to tell us about it. Complaints are used to improve our quality of service and enable us to learn from mistakes. We also treat complaints as a valuable insight into our customers’ wants and needs.

NatWest Stockbrokers are committed to transparency and that is why we will be publishing our complaints data every six months irrespective of whether or not the numbers require us to do so from a regulatory perspective. This data is extracted from the reportable complaints data submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority.

We recognise that it is equally important that customers’ concerns are dealt with in a fair and transparent way and we are constantly reviewing our processes to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a consistent manner and to a high standard.

Firm name: NatWest Stockbrokers Limited

Period covered in this report: 1st November 2013 to 30th April 2014

Brands/trading names covered: BrokerLine, Direct Trader and NatWest Stockbrokers

FCA Product CategoryNo. of complaints openedNo. of complaints closedComplaints closed within eight weeks (%)Complaints upheld by firm (%)
Decumulation, life and pensions11100%100%

To put the figures into context: Our 506 Investment complaints in the corresponding period equates to 1.74 complaints per 1,000 trades