Covered Warrants

Defensive investing for volatile markets

Covered Warrants provide the opportunity to benefit from the rising or falling price of a share, commodity or index. They trade just like shares, but because Covered Warrants benefit from gearing, you can gain the same exposure to an underlying asset with less capital invested.

Before trading you should fully understand the nature of covered warrants and your exposure to the risk involved. The geared nature of covered warrants means that a relatively small movement in the share price of the underlying asset will result in larger movements in the value of the warrant. Therefore, covered warrants provide the opportunity for greater returns than ordinary share dealing but also greater risks and potential losses. If you are in any doubt you should consult an Independent Financial Advisor.

What are they?

Take a view on the rise or a fall of a share, index or commodity.

How do they work?

Covered Warrants trade like simply like a share in your dealing account.

Why trade them?

Gear up or down with risk strictly limited to your initial investments.

Trading strategies

Open up the tools of professional investing with Covered Warrants.