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The value of investments, and the income from them,
can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back the full amount you invest.

At NatWest Stockbrokers we recognise that not all our customers have the time to research investment opportunities or have the confidence to invest directly in the stock market on their own. Through our service we offer over 1,900 managed investment funds that you can invest in directly.

The funds are managed by full time professionals, who spend time researching where they should invest your money, meaning that once you have chosen which funds suits your needs you can leave the rest to them.

As an individual investor you buy into a fund by purchasing 'units' rather than shares. The value of your units is calculated on a daily basis and changes as the market value of the assets in the fund rises and falls. Each managed fund has a specific investment objective and is usually based around different asset classes (cash, fixed interest, property and shares). The money you invest is used to buy assets in line with this investment objective

Important Information:

With effect from 6 April, 2013, trail commission rebates to investors* are subject to income tax. As a result, HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) require that we make these payments net of basic rate tax, which is currently 20%. If you are a higher rate or additional rate tax payer you may also need to pay additional tax through your tax return.

For non-taxpayers or those who are liable to tax at 10% a repayment could be claimed either via an individual’s Tax Return submission or by completing the repayment claim form R40.

We suggest that you speak to HMRC or your tax adviser if you need advice with regard to the above.

The Platform Fee and income tax will be applied at the same time as the Trail Commission rebate and each transaction will be individually identified on your statement.

* other than within a tax wrapper (e.g. ISA) or to UK companies.

It's easy to diversify your investments - you have access to different asset classes, companies, industries, sectors and countries.

Experts manage your money - the qualified investment professionals managing your money have access to information, research and robust investment processes not easily available to individuals

You can invest for income, growth or both - the returns you get from a managed fund usually come in two forms. Income and capital growth.

Choose your own risk level – funds are available with low to high risk to your capital. Higher potential returns usually come with higher risks.

Cost reduction – buying into a fund allows you to make a single investment transaction, which comprises of shares in many companies, instead of having to buy into each of them individually.

We apply no initial charge on over 1,400 of the funds available through our service. An Annual Management Charge from the fund provider will apply.

We have over 1,900 funds available through our service from over 90 fund providers, such as Aberdeen Asset Management, Artemis, Fidelity, Rathbones and Jupiter.

Each fund provider has a variety of funds available, covering a range of asset classes and markets. To find out more about the funds available you can select one of the providers below and read their simplified prospectus, which provides information on each funds strategy, risk exposure and fund performance.

Fund CompanyStandard Initial chargeWith us you pay (from)
Aberdeen4.25% ZERO
Artemis5.25% ZERO
Aviva4.00% ZERO
AXA Framlington5.25% ZERO
Baillie Gifford5.00% ZERO
Baring5.00% ZERO
BlackRock5.00% ZERO
BNY Mellon4.00% ZERO
Brown Shipley3.50% ZERO
Fidelity3.50% ZERO
First State4.00% ZERO
Franklin Templeton5.00% ZERO
Henderson5.00% ZERO
Invesco Perpetual5.00% ZERO
Jo Hambro5.00% ZERO
Lazard3.75% ZERO
Legal & General5.00% ZERO
Marlborough5.25% ZERO
Martin Currie5.00% ZERO
Neptune5.00% ZERO
Octopus5.00% ZERO
Old Mutual4.00% ZERO
Rathbone5.50% ZERO
Rensburg4.50% ZERO
Scottish Widows5.00% ZERO
Smith & Williamson5.00% ZERO
Standard Life Investments4.00% ZERO
Threadneedle3.75% ZERO
Allianz4.00% 0.25% MAX
F&C5.00% 0.25% MAX
Gartmore5.00% 0.25% MAX
Ignis5.25% 0.25% MAX
Investec4.50% 0.25% MAX
JP Morgan4.25% 0.25% MAX
Jupiter5.25% 0.25% MAX
Lincoln5.25% 0.25% MAX
Premier5.25% 0.25% MAX
Schroder5.25% 0.25% MAX
M&G4.00% 0.50% MAX

Care is taken to ensure that the information provided by Morningstar is correct but neither we nor Morningstar warrant, represent or guarantee the contents of the information, nor do we or Morningstar accept any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistencies herein. The information should not be regarded as specific investment advice or a personal recommendation of any kind.

Standard Initial charge is taken from the most frequent charge for funds available through our supermarket. Initial charge may differ from fund to fund.

With so many funds available it can be daunting to decide which one is right for you. Our Funds selector allows you to select a range of funds that meet your specific needs, so that you can research which funds is exactly right for you. As well a giving you the ability to obtain a more detailed fund report your results will also be able to be displayed using views such as Performance, Pricing & Fees.

Fund Screener Tool

Fund Quickrank Tool

An annual charge of 0.3% of the value of your fund holding will be applied. It will be calculated daily and deducted every six months on the last Business Day of June and December from your Account in which the funds are held. Platform fees will be noted on your statement.

From 31 August 2013 there is a charge of 25 per transaction when trading in funds over the telephone.

To invest in any of the funds provided you need to have an existing account with us.

From 7 November 2012 an annual charge of 0.3% of the value of your fund holding will be applied. It will be calculated daily and will be first charged to your account on or after 31 December 2012. The platform fee will be noted on your statement. From 1 January 2013 the platform fee will be charged on an ongoing basis.

If you already have an account and want to invest in any of these funds, login to your account and go to the Markets & Research / Funds. Find the fund and click 'buy'. It's that simple and we won't charge you a penny in commission for either buying or selling funds.

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